Friday, September 08, 2006

Wacky Road Trip IV - Observations, Highlights, and 'You Had To Be There' Reflections (Day 3 – Part 2)

Friday, 07/21 (Cont.)

So …we've arrived at our destination in Seattle …Huzzah! After 36 hours of travel with six guys in a minivan we …well, let's just say that we have a unique aroma about us (about us, on us, in us around us, etc.). Time to jump in the shower before we do anything else. No, not all together (you sickos) …there's plenty of time for that later in the hot tub.

12:00PM: We head downtown, only instead of six of us packed in the minivan, there are now eight (since we didn't want to have to coordinate two vehicles). I'm relegated to the far back where the luggage usually goes.

With the main agenda item for WRTIV being to visit Alice and H-B, none of us really had much in the way of 'must do' items for this trip …with the exception of eating sushi. Mmmm …sushi. Many of we WRT participants who, coincidentally, also work at the same place try and have sushi for lunch once every other week or so. However, Wisconsin sushi is a far cry from Seattle sushi (the whole proximity to the ocean thing), so we've been salivating for months at the prospect of sushi in Seattle …we aren't disappointed. We have lunch at a downtown sushi
establishment that's simply grand! The highlight was a unique mango shrimp sushi …mmmm …mango shrimp sushi. Lunch takes longer than normal, since after every bite a number of us have to close our eyes and visit our respective happy places.

1:30PM: We do some other stuff downtown, but since I was kind of tired (the whole 36 hours in a minivan thing), I don't really remember what it was that we did. Oh well …I know I have a good time.

5:00PM: Back to H-B and Alice's place.

5:15PM: Naps

7:00PM: H-B cooks dinner for us on the grill …Steak (with a unique coffee rub on it), crab legs, potatoes, mushrooms …mmmm …our respective happy places are being visited quite a bit today.

9:00PM: A visit to the hot tub for some of us (four of the WRT participants to be precise). Four guys lounging in a hot tub wearing Mexican wrestling masks …we have pictures.


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